Childcare During DjangoCon US

Childcare at DjangoCon US and tech conferences more generally is an important factor that helps folks attend who otherwise may not be able to. We want to make sure that parents feel welcome bringing their children to DjangoCon US and that the availability of childcare is not a barrier to attending.

Back in 2018 and 2019, our recommended provider for childcare was Destination Sitters, and feedback was so positive that we are recommending them again. Destination Sitters is a service where certified and vetted sitters come directly to your hotel room and bring a bag of toys for your little ones to play with. There’s no need to arrange a pick-up and drop-off at a faraway daycare. They work with children of all ages.

  • Booking: Destination Sitters recommends you book a sitter 2 weeks in advance although they may be able to accommodate shorter notice. To book a sitter, you can book online or call (888) 748-5439.
  • Payment: DjangoCon US will reimburse you for childcare (up to $150 per day) with a receipt. To request a reimbursement, please email Destination Sitters’ rates are posted on their website.
  • Other accommodations: Destination Sitters is not exclusive to the Marriott. If you are staying at another hotel or at a private rental, they can still help.

Destination Sitters does not require that their sitters are vaccinated for Covid-19 or that they wear masks. However, you may request a vaccinated sitter or that the sitter wears a mask.

We look forward to seeing you – and your kids – soon in San Diego!