Code of Conduct Transparency Report for DjangoCon US 2022

The organizers of DjangoCon US 2022 are proud to release this year’s Code of Conduct transparency report. In the event that we receive any submissions after this report is published, we will edit this post and include the time when the submission is addressed.


  • An in-person attendee approached a speaker after their talk finished unmasked and offered unsolicited feedback on their code quality and disparaged their overall talk. We reminded the attendee of the mask rules and that they must be more respectful in the way they approach other attendees and refrain from offering unsolicited feedback and that any further violations would result in their removal from the conference.
  • An online attendee sent repetitive unsolicited Slack direct messages to a speaker about topics that were tangentially related to their presentation at best. While the content of the messages themselves were not directly a Code of Conduct violation, the interaction revealed that the organizers did not sufficiently establish expected norms regarding online interactions with speakers. We sent a push notification to everyone on Slack reminding them not to send unsolicited DMs to speakers and to use the salon/hallway tracks to interact with them.


While this was not formally reported as a direct CoC violation, one talk was disparaging of the Django fellows and maintainers. This talk does not reflect the opinions of DCUS organizers or volunteers.

We, the organizers of DCUS, are discussing how to better mitigate situations like this going forward, and we will not post that talk on YouTube until we have decided on any measures.

We will announce any new policies when we release the CFP for 2023.


Thank you for a wonderful DjangoCon US 2022!