Announcing Our Keynotes: Simon Charette

We’re honored to announce our third keynote speaker for DjangoCon US 2022: Simon Charette!

Photo of Simon Charette

Simon has been contributing to Django for the past ten years, mainly to the ORM (object-relational mapping) and the migration framework. Through this work, he developed an interest in RDBMS/SQL and has been focusing on making Django work great with them in the context of large Python applications.

He currently works at Zapier and shares his spare time enjoying the outdoor, playing ultimate frisbee, and contributing to FOSS.

You can find him online as charettes on Github, Trac, and various Django-related mailing lists.

His Deep Dive Day keynote, titled “State of the ORM”, will talk about the history and future of Django’s object-relational mapping.

Recent releases of Django introduced ORM features that made it easier to perform complex data manipulations efficiently in the context of web applications. Abstractions such as FilteredRelation, Constraint, Window functions, JSONField/JSONObject, expression support for Index, Queryset.alias, and other features and improvements untapped the full potential of the prior expression API work.

On the other hand, initiatives such as the async work, bugs, and limitations in usage of recently introduced ORM/SQL features are shedding light on fundamental and long-standing issues that will require complex work to address.

How can we lift these anchors and ensure Django remains a powerful tool to define and manipulate data models in the future? Join us as we walk through ongoing development and review the state of the ORM and how you can contribute to it.

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