A Tour of the SQL Server backend for Django

Oct 17 3:20 PM PDT :calendar: to 3:45 pm

About This Talk


In this session we will go on a tour of the capabilities of the SQL Server backend for Django, which enables you to connect your Django app to Azure SQL or SQL Server. After a brief introduction to the open source project we’ll discuss some scenarios where specific settings come in handy. We’ll also cover SQL features you don’t want to skip out on leveraging to maximize the performance and capabilities of your Django app.

  • https://github.com/microsoft/mssql-django
  • https://devblogs.microsoft.com/azure-sql/create-rest-api-in-python-with-django-using-the-django-rest-framework-and-azure-sql/
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    Photo of Drew Skwiers-Koballa

    Drew Skwiers-Koballa

    Drew Skwiers-Koballa is a Senior Program Manager for SQL experiences at Microsoft and an open source advocate. He is currently building tools for relational databases focused on development and CI/CD. Prior to joining Microsoft he spent nearly a decade as a developer and database administrator.