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Oct 18 4:40 PM PDT :calendar: to 5:05 pm

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    Dr. Heidi White

    Dr. Heidi White is a professional astrophysicist, educator, and science communicator. Heidi received her Ph.D. in 2021 (in cosmic star formation) from the University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, where she now works as an educational content developer. Her professional career path is strongly motivated by a desire to make STEM learning accessible to all. She believes in a pedagogical approach that is learner-centred and focuses on fostering scientific curiosity and developing learners’ self-identity as scientists via adaptive, experiential curricula. Due to her research background, Heidi has over a decade of experience in Python programming but has only recently explored the world of web development for public education. In her free time, Heidi enjoys running and hiking with her pup Luna.