Async Django: The practical guide you've been **awaiting** for.

Oct 19 12:00 PM PDT :calendar: to 12:25 pm

About This Talk

There’s a lot of excitement about Django going async in 3.0+ but also many questions. This talk will provide a brief introduction to async, cover its pros/cons, and show how to build async into your Django app.

We’ll look at four different ways to build a real-time chat app and see how the need for async comes up:

  • Polling
  • Long-polling
  • Server-sent events
  • Websockets

Getting async online can be the hardest bit, so we’ll wrap up with a few pointers on deployment to get you on your way.


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    Carlton Gibson

    Long-time Django user, and current Django Fellow. Husband and father of four, I like cooking, hats, and philosophy. Come say hi!