Building a dev-focused learner management system with Django

Oct 17 2:00 PM PDT :calendar: to 2:45 pm

About This Talk

The talk will cover:

  • our mission
  • how we ran as an on-premises training provider
  • the utter chaos of our transition to remote (there were about 250 sim cards registered on our MD’s name. Lol)
  • how we prioritised what we built
  • how we ended up choosing Django
  • high level view of how we train different kinds of coders
  • where we are heading


    Photo of Sheena O'Connell

    Sheena O'Connell

    I’m currently the CTO of Umuzi - a South African based non-profit organisation focused on launching high-value digital careers for high potential youth in underserved communities. It’s the best job ever, I get to build stuff and change lives.

    I spend my free time climbing, paragliding, reading, and trying to play guitar.