Django from queryset to serialization

Oct 17 5:10 PM PDT :calendar: to 5:35 pm

About This Talk

Django don´t have an obvious way to avoid N+1 queries during objects serialization and it is easy to miss the right way in large projects.

This talk aims to show how I joined a project with a rudimentary serialization solution and improved it to be able to handle serializations without causing N+1 queries by accident, using django-qserializer (I’m the author).

I will discuss other solutions, how to do that with plain Django, how DRF do the same thing, how other libs can contribute or make your code worse.


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    Iuri de Silvio

    I’m Iuri, I have 12 years of experience, most of then with Python and Django. As a Principal Engineer at Buser, a brazilian startup in high growth stage, I’m always looking for codebase improvements and performance optimizations.