Django Logging Demystified

Oct 17 11:10 AM PDT :calendar: to 11:55 am

About This Talk

This talk is geared toward Django developers of all skill levels. You will come away with a fundamental understanding of logging in Python and Django that will empower you to tackle logging in your applications with confidence.

Since Django uses Python’s built-in logging capabilities it will start with a quick refresher on Python logging before diving into how the logging configuration is exposed in Django settings using the dictionary format.

We will then explore customizing logging to support your application throughout the development lifecycle including adding custom handlers and formatters, common logging patterns and practices such as structured logging and how to debug issues when logging isn’t behaving as you expected.

The talk will close with a brief survey of popular logging platforms and how their services and libraries interact with your logs.


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    Lee Trout

    I have been using Django since 2008 in organizations large and small. I love Django and love introducing it to new developers so they can execute on their ideas faster!