How To Be a Postgres DBA in a Pinch

Oct 18 1:20 PM PDT :calendar: to 2:05 pm
Audience level: Beginner

About This Talk

This will be an intro level talk for folks unfamiliar with hosting or managing Postgres. Topics will include hosting options, backups, connection pooling, basic tuning, monitoring, and indexing. Just enough to keep you out of trouble and your database humming along.


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    Elizabeth Garrett Christensen

    Elizabeth is a Customer Success Manager at Crunchy Data and volunteers for the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS). Elizabeth enjoys writing about Postgres for Newbies and teaching people about databases whenever she gets the chance. She has a background in open source project management and enjoys working with development teams to build products and applications using all the fun things in the open source toy box. Elizabeth hails from Lawrence, Kansas and spends most of her free time pretending like she lives on a farm in the 1860s.