How to turn your Website into an App (and why maybe you shouldn't!)

Oct 19 4:40 PM PDT :calendar: to 5:05 pm

About This Talk

The web is an amazing platform for building and deploying code so that users can access functionality. As Django developers, you know how to use Python to build views and APIs that integrate with a database, and how to develop frontend HTML, CSS and Javascript. But sometimes, you need a little bit more than a website can provide. You need an app.

Apps provide a different experience for end users, and access to more of your device’s native capabilities. If you were to look into the Apple’s developer resources for iOS, or Google’s developer resources for Android, you might come to the conclusion that, as Python web developers, you’re locked out of these app ecosystems. The good news: you’re not.

In this talk, you’ll learn multiple techniques for leveraging your existing Python skills and Django codebase to develop an app you can distribute to your end-users. You’ll also learn the advantages, disadvantages and limits of these approaches - and what to do when you hit those limits.


    Photo of Russell Keith-Magee

    Russell Keith-Magee (he/him)

    Dr Russell Keith-Magee is the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools and libraries to support the development of Python software on desktop and mobile platforms. He joined the Django core team in 2006, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. He is a frequent speaker at Python and Django conferences around the globe, sharing his experience as a FLOSS developer, community maintainer, and (unsuccessful) startup founder. In his day job, he is a Principal Engineer at Anaconda, working on BeeWare in the OSS team.