Miracles in Anarchy

Oct 17 3:50 PM PDT :calendar: to 4:35 pm

About This Talk

The amazing layers of technology that are required to deliver online experiences can be staggering and feel miraculous. It is easy to become overwhelmed, feeling we should understand all of these layers, and end up wallowing in impostor syndrome. This talk will take an opportunity to poke fun at some of the more absurd moments in my own life, and celebrate the miracle that anything we do actually works at all!

We work in ecosystems that are often anarchies. What can our communities learn from some of the most successful anarchies in human history, addiction recovery programs? There may be more parallels than you think!

Join Tim on a journey where we pan the camera around to the third-person perspective, and laugh at ourselves a bit. It’ll be therapeutic: laughter is the best cure for impostor syndrome!


    Photo of Timothy Allen

    Timothy Allen

    Tim joined Wharton Research Data Services in 2008, after working for local companies and starting a few of his own. Having started programming at age six, he is currently an organizer of the Philadelphia Python Users Group, Code for Recovery, and a member of the Python Software Foundation and Django Software Foundation. Tim enjoys playing very loud guitar with lots of pedals, is an avid cyclist, was the first person to sell real world items for virtual microcurrency long before Bitcoin, and enjoys beating his head against brick walls (as demonstrated by his passion for coding, cycling in Philadelphia, and never-ending quest to get his cat to behave). A life-long Philadelphia resident, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996 with an individualized major, “Computer Aided Information Acquisition”.