Modern apps with Django, HTMX, Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js

Oct 19 1:20 PM PDT :calendar: to 2:05 pm

About This Talk

After evaluating various toolkits and frameworks for UI development, I decided to go with Django. This choice was made for various reasons - Python backend, Django HTML templates, included security infrastructure and included ORM. I explored options to execute partial requests from Django HTML templates, without submitting requests to reload the complete page. This is possible with HTMX and Alpine.js. I thought I should share my experience with the broader Django community. I will prepare a sample CRUD app to explain the functionality, this will be styled with Tailwind CSS to look modern and usable.


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    Andrej Baranovskij

    Andrej is TensorFlow Certified Developer and he is using Python in his daily work. He is an active blogger and shares technical Python tutorials on his YouTube channel. His primary work focus is related to ML solutions development. He was a keynote speaker at PyConLT 2022.