Sponsored Talk: Production Django on Platform.sh: reaching operational maturity in days, not years

Oct 18 10:30 AM PDT :calendar: to 10:40 am

About This Talk

Delivering Django applications doesn’t just mean deployment. It means clearly defining a delivery lifecycle so that updates and upgrades are consistently tested and packaged, infrastructure is reliably provisioned, and deployed production code comes with a level of observability that makes responding to problems feasible. Throughout it all, it needs to be secure and increasingly compliant, with those same standards replicated for all of the apps important to your organization.

This real need can lead organizations to grow “platform teams”, or “Cloud Centers of Excellence” - an interdisciplinary group of people tasked with defining, creating and maintaining a high level of operational standards so complexity can be managed, drift is minimized, and so everything stays relatively stable as technologies deprecate and people off- and on-board. The thing is, implementing stability in-house is an expensive moving target - in time, money, and environmental impact. Deprecating tools and essential people with too many responsibilities leaving the organization will have you reinventing the wheel forever.

In this session, I’ll show you how Platform.sh can allow your team to deploy updates and upgrades that are secure, compliant, stable, and consistently tested. We’ll explore ways that our tooling provides insights into your code’s performance, all while providing your teams with clearly defined lifecycles and guardrails that ensure standards are replicated for all your organization’s apps. And for far less money and time than trying to build it in-house.


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    Chad Carlson

    Chad Carlson manages the Developer Relations team at Platform.sh. Chad spent a large portion of his professional career in academia, where he worked primarily in vision science laboratories using Python to study the human visual system: how we detect motion, how we understand natural image statistics, and its evolutionary origins. Today he can typically be found writing, cooking, or working on projects in Python, Node.js, Go, and whatever new language Platform.sh starts support for and wants another pair of eyes on.