The Django Jigsaw Puzzle: Aligning All the Pieces

Oct 17 3:50 PM PDT :calendar: to 4:35 pm

About This Talk

Learning Django often feels like trying to solve an immense jigsaw puzzle with the pieces all turned upside down. It’s hard to align all the pieces when you don’t know how they should fit together.

This talk is based on over a decade of using and teaching Django professionally. I will cover all the major puzzle pieces of Django: how they work independently and together. I don’t expect anyone to have mastery over all these pieces–I certainly don’t–but knowing the overall picture of Django and what the pieces are will provide a roadmap for learning and improving your Django abilities no matter your current level.


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    Will Vincent

    Will is a Board Member of the Django Software Foundation and the author of three books on Django. He co-hosts the Django Chat podcast and co-writes the weekly Django News newsletter. Popular open source projects include awesome-django and the starter framework, DjangoX. He previously spoke at DjangoCon US 2018 and 2019.