War Stories: Scaling Django

Oct 17 3:50 PM PDT :calendar: to 4:35 pm

About This Talk

In this talk I’ll share war stories in scaling Django over the last 7 years at TechSmart, as our queries/second of peak traffic increased over time. I’ll describe how we built our website originally, what problems we encountered when load started to increase, and how we reacted to gradually add more components to our architecture and increase our site’s maximum load.

I’ll also cover proactive performance testing techniques we use to simulate load on our Django site in advance to find bottlenecks before our customers do.

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    Photo of David Foster

    David Foster

    David is Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer at TechSmart, where he seeks to inspire the next generation of K-12 students & teachers to code and make amazing things with computers. He loves both Django and Python, and has contributed to both, notably introducing TypedDict to Python’s type system. David is passionate about software development, sharing knowledge, and making a difference in the world.

    Outside of work David enjoys being outdoors, digital archival & preservation, rhythm dance games (DDR, PIU), and contra dance.