Working with time series data using Django and Timescale

Oct 17 10:40 AM PDT :calendar: to 11:05 am

About This Talk

For the last two years we’ve been working on a software development project based on displaying and processing telemetry data for multiple services. The product is a cloud-based, heavy-data application that provides users with key insights after processing a variety of metrics.

In the app’s first development phase, we explored the best options for gathering and processing high volume streams of data and presenting it in an efficient way. We finally opted for using Timescale, a relational PostgreSQL based time series database that combined with Django was a successful choice for this project.

In this talk we want to share the experience of creating a time series system based on Django and Timescale, our learning points and challenges faced in the process.

We’ll cover:

  • Business case context
  • Basics of time series data and different alternatives we evaluated
  • Quick overview of the solution, the Timescale database and how we managed to still leverage the power of Django
  • Review several examples of what went smoothly and what didn’t

This is an entry level talk for people interested in time series, even those who are unfamiliar with the concept, but want to learn. Basic Django and database knowledge is recommended but all people are welcome.


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    Joaquín Scocozza

    Hey there! I’m Joaquin also known as Joaco.

    I’m a Uruguayan Computer Engineer with 5+ years of experience working on web and mobile development using different technologies such as Django, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, etc.