A detailed review for using Django, Channels, and HTMX to create dynamic and interactive web sites

Oct 16 1:30 PM PDT :calendar: to 5:00 pm
Audience level: All

About This Tutorial

The tutorial will cover an overview of the architecture, along with a line-by-line review of all the components involved in the system.

This review includes:


  • Authentication
  • Models
  • View
  • Template
  • HTMX initialization


  • Consumer
    • Key methods (connect, disconnect, receive)
    • incoming messages
      • “dispatch” method
    • Library: django-channels-presence
    • Channel layer
    • async vs sync


  • Channel layer
  • async vs sync
  • message format
    • “dispatch” method


  • Channels
    • Channel names
    • Read / Write
    • Group send


  • Basic HTMX
  • The ws extension
  • The transformResponse function


  • Segregating HTTP from websocket connections
  • Handling static files


  • Running Django application


  • Running Channels consumers
  • Running Workers

Bringing it all together:

  • Running it natively
  • Building docker containers


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    Ken Whitesell

    Ken is a software developer with more than 40 years experience across a multitude of platforms and languages. He is currently employed within the Digital Services group in WSP USA working on technology associated with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. When he’s not working, you can generally find him hanging around the Django Forum trying to answer questions and provide assistance. Beyond that, you will most likely find him at a table playing board games.