Effective end-to-end testing for Django

Oct 16 9:00 AM PDT :calendar: to 12:30 pm
Audience level: All

About This Tutorial

What will you learn?

Gain hands-on experience with end-to-end testing for Django using tools like pytest and Playwright. The tutorial will help you acquire solid strategies to test common patterns in Django applications and the experience of writing a complete test suite for a non-trivial application.

Why is end-to-end testing worth your time?

A comprehensive test suite gives you the confidence to fix bugs, refactor, and add new features to your application without fear of unknowingly breaking unrelated parts of the codebase. End-to-end tests are a useful and important member of your testing toolbox and this tutorial will help you learn or strengthen your grasp of them.

How will you learn about end-to-end testing?

The tutorial is completely hands-on. Your instructor will introduce a steady stream of useful concepts and help you apply each of them in a practical manner. Some of the topics you’ll learn about are:

  • Types of tests: uses and limitations
  • Testing with the Django client
  • Testing interactive DOM elements with Playwright
  • Speeding up tests
  • Integrating your test suite with Continuous Integration (CI)

Who is the right audience for this tutorial?

This tutorial requires familiarity with Django models, querysets, and views. For example, you should feel comfortable writing Django models and views that allow users to create and edit model instances using forms. Familiarity with the DOM and CSS selectors is useful but not essential. No prior testing experience is required.


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