Using Django for serving REST APIs with permission control and customizing the default admin panel

Oct 16 1:30 PM PDT :calendar: to 5:00 pm
Audience level: All

About This Tutorial

In the session, we will see how we can use Django to serve APIs.

  • Create REST Endpoints quickly with DRF.
  • Implement proper permissions on the REST endpoints, for example, an admin can perform any operation on any data. But a specific user can perform a limited operation on certain specific resources.
  • Respond with different responses as per the defined user’s permission level. For example, the admin will get all the fields in the response, but a normal user will get only a selected field of the model.
  • Implement Pagination on the REST endpoint.
  • Create custom endpoints on the REST Endpoints.

Customizing Admin Panel:

  • Modifying the default list in the admin panel.
  • Add a custom field in the list in the admin panel.
  • Adding filters based on a field of the model.
  • Adding search functionality for a model.
  • Customizing how forms are displayed in the admin panel.
  • Implementing Validations
  • Customizing Admin Panel Templates

Writing Tests for our Backend APIs

  • Creating Factory for Models.
  • Integrating with Faker
  • Writing test for all the REST endpoints.
  • Implementing our tests as PyTests.
  • Writing a single test and running it with different parameters with parameterization.


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